Mirror Fusion Test Facility

This machine had the world's largest superconducting magnet up to that time. This machine was a scale up of the pulsed machine, to a 30 second steady state magnetic bottle, shaped like a laser cavity - Long tube with a magnetic mirror on each end.

The Supervisory Control System consisted of 9 minicomputers connected via shared memory. The memory sizes look tiny today, as these machines had an address space of 1 MegaByte. Some (but not all) of the machines maxed out the full 1 MegaByte (which was quite expensive at that time). A full 256k was in shared memory, and allowed for rapid communication between processors. These minicomputers controlled the 75 LSI-11's with 32k, which performed the embedded control.

I was responsible for the Man-machine Interface, which was based on graphically defined controls, computer touchpanels, and dynamic displays.

The man-machine interface consisted of 7 consoles. The software included a graphics editor to create the control panels and diagnostic displays, as well as a BNF virtual machine to create and send commands to suprevisory applications.

This was in 1978 - 1980.